Sunday, April 4, 2010

Globe 4438 Secret Decoded

Globe Telecom is running a campaign for the SMS short code 4438 and it has been well-promoted with print ads, TV commercials and social media campaigns.
The Globe 4438 is set to be revealed on April 4, 2010 but an inside info gave us a tip to de-code this secret.
Globe 4438 is a rewards system for subscribers and has the following mechanics:
  • ITEMS to 4438 for list of rewards
  • Globe Products: 
    GLOBE Immortal Call 15 = 15 points 
    UNLITXT20 = 20 pts UNLITXT40 = 40 pts 
    UNLITXT80 = 80 pts 
    SuperUNLI = 120 pts
  • To redeem, text REDEEM to 4438
  • Gadgets: GADGETS Shopping: SHOPPING PAL Miles: MILES Lifestyle and Enterntainment: LIFESTYLE To view items for each category, text “ITEM to 4438″.
  • Send “DISCOUNTS” to 4438 for list of benefits
  • Food: FOOD Shopping: SHOPPING Health and Beauty: HEALTH Lifestyle and Entertainment: LIFESTYLE
  • To view items in the category, text ITEM to 4438
  • REDEEM ITEM CODE PIN to 4438 for redemption
  • SHARE POINTS 10-DIGITMOBILE# PIN for point transfer
  • BAL to 4438 for points inquiry.
This rewards system aims to increase customer retention and service loyalty among subscribers.


  1. I ask to activate the pin for rewards to redeem my points but it's not responding.

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  3. What's the validity period or term of expiry for the points?

    Last month, I got a message from 4438 saying that I have 753 points on the 15th. Then on the 29th, I got a message from 4438 saying that I have 225.50 points. I have not used up any points yet. How does that work?

  4. may cut off po until 1 year lang ang expiry ng points so consumed it before it expires... meron naman sila notification na isesend through text kung kelan ma e-expire ang points mo.

  5. ginawa ko na yang mga steps na yan pero wala naman nangyari eh. kahit pinaka mababang pointgs gamitin mo wala pa rin